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How grocery is getting diversity and inclusion wrong

26 January 2021: The lack of organisation-wide strategic thinking is a recipe for trouble, opinion by me in The Grocer.

Food businesses are embracing diversity within their recruitment and HR policies. But a lack of organisation-wide strategic thinking remains. I wrote an opinion piece in The Grocer on why in a woke world, it’s a recipe for trouble.

Race, representation and culture are complex subjects and they are fast-becoming central to conversations about what we eat, how we cook and eat it.

My recent workshops on understanding culture and challenging mindsets for the British Library, BBC Good Food and Olive Magazine and my fellow members of the Guild of Food Writers laid bare lip service, absence of a holistic approach and box ticking.

But there is also genuine confusion, fear and lack of cultural awareness. Importantly, positive change is possible. It’s just time we served up a fresh approach. I hope you enjoy the read!